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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Hyundai Elite I20

Hello Everyone,

This is Bhushan and Today i m back with review of new car Hyundai Elite i20 Sportz (Petrol). Thanks to my Friend Mr. Dibyendu Biswas for providing their car for a review purpose, today car i m having is clocked almost 10000+ km's and completed 2 years, and it has been modified to next level.

Before going towards car i ll like to share some interesting story about Indian I20. The car was launched in December 2008, Hyundai's sales projection was near about 1000 unit per month, company was exporting more than 5000 units to all over the European market, but Indian market was not that much good because I20 was perceived as an expensive hatchback at that time. Then the Jazz came home! Honda adopted ridiculous pricing strategy for the Jazz, effectively killing the product within a 60 seconds of its launch. Overnight, I20 became a value for money product and its sales shot through the Roof.

WHY to choose I20: The Premium Hatchback I20 mainly competes with Honda Jazz, Maruti Suzuki Baleno. 

1. Honda Jazz : Recently Jazz got her face lift and again it was launched with high price tag of 7.42 lakhs, but still Jazz misses out on some features and her top model doesn't fits in bracket of Value for Money preposition. In new update Honda removed Jazz's Magic Seats option which was very convenient for carrying some extra length item, Honda Jazz's Music system is still not wow it gets only speakers while competitors are getting more. The high price tag makes people to go towards Maruti and Hyundai.

2. Maruti Suzuki Baleno : Yes THE market leader Maruti Suzuki they launched their Premium Hatchback Baleno in 2015 to make a compete with only car in segment I20. after launch of Baleno the sales of I20 didn't make any difference but new Maruti product based on HEARTECT performance made her so light it was weigh only 890kgs the car was light it is giving more mileage figures and was selling like Hot cakes, In India people only want KITNA DETI HAI no one thinks about built Quality and all, Maruti Baleno is a Complete Package and also it is a value for Money Product it gets dual front airbags ABS+EBD is standard, gets all necessary features,it feels premium,  but Build Quality, Sheet Metal Quality Matters, being Made of Mettle doesn't means it is best. 

3. Hyundai I20 : Now here comes Korean Car maker Hyundai who are well known for Smooth and Silent Engines, Comfortable Seats Better NVH levels, Good Build quality, earlier Hyundai was not providing ABS+EBD in cars but now it is standard across the variants. I20's sportz variant seems to be value for money if you want more features like Hyundai's auto sense app which tells the way of driving and all important stuff about driving you can go with Top Asta(O) variant. The newly face lifted car now gets DTE, avg fuel economy, which was missing earlier. 

Now lets go towards the car about its exterior, interior, engine performance drivability, service intervals and Final verdict.


The Elite I20 is designed in Germany, it looks more European than the 2012 i20. The fluidic sculpture 2.0 design language now looks mature and more appealing, the face from front looks distinct, the car now gets hexagonal front grille which has chrome border along it, the silver accents running through the headlamps doesn't points out minimal usage of chrome, now the bonnet is slight upwards, the rectangular shape of fog lights makes to look her different from crowd, the orvms are neatly designed and has side indicators placed on it, the waistline on elite i20 is not so thick which is seen on Grand i10 , but it looks perfect for her design.
On the stock the sportz variant of i20 gets the tyre size of 170/80/r15 which of pressed steel with rim covers, but in my review it has been upgraded to 215/55/r16 Plati Star shaped Alloys with Kenda Sports profile tyres, the calipers and rear drum has been painted in red color.

The lots of changes had been on car and everything is genuine no wire cuttings done while changing headlights also the headlights been upgraded to projectors with drl in it, (below i will post the list of mods done in car and links if you wish to buy) , on the side profile, the car looks sporty due to long bonnet and floating roof line, the black C-Pillar is a plastic cladding rather than painted or wrapped body panel. On the rear 3-cluster tail lamps appear to be LED's but actually aren't, the tail lamps it looks beautiful in night when you are following an elite i20. The rear bumper does not have any black cladding but parking sensors are visible and has reflectors with a single reverse light only, from the back elite looks classy same like all other Hyundai cars.

Review car having mod on rear with glowing reflectors which is of lambo style, and both reflectors having reverse light. 


And same like of Grand i10 story is DIFFERENT in Elite i20 also
The Moment you step inside a car you will notice low positioned seats i20 isn't a tall boy Hatch, the door opens wide and has a proper 3 stage action. 
As you are on front you will notice new dashboard design with beige and black interiors, the designers have designed the cabin so cleverly and played with colors that car looks and feel more airy at the front.  The interior dashboard design is inspired from the luxury cars which is not seen in B-segment hatch. 
Cabin fit and finish is always being Hyundai's strength and with new model Hyundai have outdone themselves. Plastic quality is top notch and there aren't any hard edges.
The interior elite i20 feels spacious and wider, as a result there is ample of elbow room at the front as well as rear. The front seats provide good headroom, legroom, knee room and has a adequate under thigh support, the back support is too soft for city use which is good, the front seats have long travel so people with 6 feet above height can seat easily. The driver seat is also having height adjust feature which is boon for short heighted people. 
The steering is a 3 spoke unit and feels more premium having steering mounted controls which can control music system, mid, phone calls, has mute button in total 9 buttons on it, the steering wheel also has a rake and reach adjusting function, the dual tone horn sounds good than older "peep" one, the driver side door has controls of 4 windows child lock switch, orvm control switch, the door lock switch is on center between air con vents, but in newer 2018 models of elite the function of auto door lock is provided, the center console of i20 has 2 DIN music system, the car has music system with 8 speakers  4 speakers and 4 tweeters near the door handles the sound quality is amazing. automatic climate control, below it has a cubby hole to place stuff and has 12v power socket the Gear tip looks premium due to chrome inserts in it, the elite also gets driver arm rest below it is also having storage space, the front glove box is big in size and has cooling function which is very useful in long journeys to keep your water bottles cool, the irvm isn't a auto dimming. it also gets a sun glass holder, the door pockets are large enough to store 1 litre bottle, overall cabin is best in segment.

 The music system and foot pedals are upgraded from OEM. 

Engine Performance and Drivability 

It gets 1.2 VTVT motor which is so refined and you can't imagine refinement levels other manufacturers please learn (HOW TO MAKE REFINED ENGINES AND KEEPING BETTER NVH LEVELS FROM "HYUNDAI") The Gearbox, clutch, engine, steering is buttery smooth which makes drive to easy in city traffics, even one can't say engine is on or off up to 2.5 k rpm.

Engine Specification 

4 cylinders 16 valves 
Maximum Power 81.86 bhp @6000rpm
Maximum Torque 114.73 N-m @4000rpm 
Transmission 5 speed manual 

Engine performs well in city low end is somewhat laggy but after 2000 rpm's the power is available on tap it rocks thereafter. 
At high speeds car is smooth, stable and stick to road, the cabin is silent up to mark of 3500 rpm after that is becomes vocal which doesn't annoys but one will love that sweet note of revving the engine, in my driving experience i20 feels more protective than other car on highways as it is strong build no noises can get in the car, one can do non stop 400 km's of strecth without any mess, 

Talking about clutch and gear they are super buttery smooth, its only Hyundai they provide same smooth engines and gearbox on their every car.
The Brakes have enough bite to stop your car in less time the sportz variant is equipped with ABS which is another plus point in wet surfaces or any sudden action on highways, 
The steering is also super smooth and weighs up correctly on highways people will it lacks feel and feedback but if you want to drive a car in city and in tight spots with ease and comfort you will need smooth steering only you're driving premium car not a Truck.
The suspension in the car is on softer side, you will never feel any pothole and bump in car, i20 is a tank though, this isn't car of enthusiastic you will feel some amount of body roll on tight corners.

Drive the i20 as a regular family hatchback  and you will be satisfied, no one will ever complain for its comfort on long journeys, thanks to the big boot which can occupy luggage of 5 peoples and still you ll have some space to keep extra stuff, it also has option of 60:40 split seats.

The Build Quality is truly premium, with an excellent paint job, fit & finish. Shut lines are uniform all through, while it feels me "Indian TANK" the elite i20 feels me more solid than some TINNNY Japanese cars we know of ....... (i didn't said anything you all know that) the bonnet in particular feels heavy, The doors don't close with that sturdy Thud, yet they do have a soft premium thunk. There is no area in car which feels lightly and flimsy.

Now its Time to tell you KITNA DETI HAI 

In city conditions 

1. With AC : 9-10 km/l
2. Without AC : 11-12 km/l 

In Highway Conditions

1. With AC : 17 km/l 
2. Without AC : 20+ km/l 

Due to wheels Up size there is increase in mileage on highways because on highways you only need spinning motion more tyre revolution in less rpm's can be achieved. 

Service intervals and Service Costs 

The Hyundai has given service interval of  10,000 km's or 1 year whichever is earlier.

The owner has done 2 services in which 1st Service was totally Free. 
2nd Service costed 2430/- with oil change + oil filter change + wheel alignment and balancing. 
NO EXTRA MAINTENANCE was done in 2 years and 10112 km's of running.

Final Verdict 

Hyundai Elite i20 is a car with Solid build quality, Safety features ABS+EBD, Front Airbags as standard. The Elite i20 now comes with all needed features such as DTE, AVG Fuel Consumption, 
apple car play, android auto, reverse parking camera and assist, 
Hyundai cars are not for enthusiasts but they are for one who wants comfort,class, premium feel, the car is for matured people with more spacious cabin & correct features without any gimmick features. 

I hope this will help many potential Hyundai Buyers.

ask your questions in comment section. 


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  1. That's really a detailed review. I guess after reading this at least people will move a bit away from Jazz, Baleno and I guess polo too...
    We don't get details like this often over the net... Thanks for the writeup

  2. Thanks bhushan for the review. It was insightful. Also the links for the accessories shared really appreciate it. Very good work 👍👍


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