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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Indian Tesla!! Ather : The Electric Future is here

Hello Everyone,

Well today everyone is worried about rising fuel prices, managing all monthly expenses and using gasoline vehicles and managing budget for fuels has become a serious issue for every Indian Middle class family.

So How will feel if anyone gives you a Scooter which can run 60-70 kms and costs only 10-15 rs of fuel expense, is it possible ? I will say Yes, well dont't get shocked here is answer for all of you.

Ather Energy, Cofounded in 2013 BY IIT graduates - Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain, Ather Energy is one of the few hardware startups from India. The Company has built India's first truely intelligent electric and is backed by founders of Flipkart, Tiger Global and Hero Motocorp.

I think this will be sufficient to say them Indian Tesla, but for you i have detailed information to share.

Ather 450

Designed from scratch, the Ather 450 & Ather 340 are products made in India that have been customized to Indian conditions and riding sensibilities. Every little thing in and around the products have been crafted from an obsessive attention to detail to offer seamless ownership experience.

The flagship Ather 450 comes with a top speed of 80 kmph, a range of up to 75 km and an acceleration of 0-40 kmph in 3.9sec and ensures a riding experience that’s ideally
suited for city commute. Both the Ather scooters are equipped with a touchscreen
interactive dashboard and an integrated app which allows first in its category features like
onboard navigation, remote diagnostics and over-the-air (OTA) updates for future improvements.

The Ather 450 & the Ather 340 will initially be launched in Bengaluru, scaling up to Chennai and Pune. Not following the typical dealership format, Ather Energy will interact with consumers at AtherSpace, their thoughtfully designed experience centre in Indiranagar, Bengaluru. Here, product specialists will personally take interested customers through every detail of the vehicles and manage the test ride, while the purchases are made online, on the company website. Ather will also set up charging solutions for each consumer at their residence for overnight charging.

What will complete the experience is AtherGrid, a comprehensive public charging network launched in May this year. With 30 locations on board, Bengalureans will find this infrastructure within 4 km of reach. Designed keeping in mind the lifestyle of the owners, it’s set up at places they would visit- tech parks, shopping malls, multiplexes, cafes and restaurants and allows them to charge up to 80% in an hour.

AtherGrid has been opened to all electric vehicles which can charge from a 5A/15A plug point. To drive EV adoption, charging has been made free for the next 6 months for all EVs.

Ather Energy has filed 43 patent applications along with 11 international patent applications and 122 design registrations of their products that have been designed in India and are being manufactured at their Whitefield facility in Bengaluru.


Talking about Ather 450 it looks like any normal scooter no one will its running on Electric energy, The sharp lines running all over the scooter makes her to look like any normal scooter, the scooter has front and rear Led lights which looks different, its side stand is unique, I loved it how its opens and close and also positioned different from all normal scooters.It also comes with 7" touchscreen information cluster on dashboard. Scooter looks modern and start of new era in design for Indian market.

 Ather 450


Length - 1800 mm
Width - 700 mm
Height  - 1250 mm
Wheelbase - 1278 mm
Ground Clearance - 160 mm
Seat Height - 765 mm
Kerb Weight - 118 kg
F:R Weight distribution - 51:49
Water Wanding Limit - 300 mm

Frame and Suspension

Front Suspension - Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension - Symmetrically mounted Progressive Mono Shock
Frame Type - Precision Machine Hybrid Chassis
Frame Materials - Aluminum and Steel

Tyres and Wheels

Wheel Type - Alloy         
Wheel Size (Front & Rear) - 12-inch
Tyre Size (Front & Rear) - 90/90-12 Tubeless

Display and Touchscreen

Screen size and type - 7" LCD
Touchscreen type - Capacitive
Resolution - 800*480 Pixels
Brightness - 800 Nits
Aspect Ratio - 5:3
Water and Dust resistance - IP65

Peripherals and Features

Headlights - LED
Taillights - LED
Indicators - LED with Auto Indicators Turn-off Features
Parking Assist - Reverse mode
Connectivity - 3.5 (HSPA+) and Mobile App
GPS - On board Navigation and Live Location Tracking on App

ther Dashboard

Ather 450

Drive train and Technical Specifications 

Ather runs on electric energy has heavy lithium ion battery pack in the floor board of scooter,fro the enthusiastic rider the complete charge gives 75 kms of range with Eco mode on and 60 kms of range Eco mode off, it takes 4 hrs  for a complete charge, it also comes with a function of fast charging. 

The Ather 450 is noiseless machine no noises comes from it, the superb road performance comes from the lithium ion battery pack which produces 5.4 kw of peak power, and max torque of 20.5 N-m. The Charge is taken from Battery to Motor and it is transmitted through belt drive to the wheels, the transmission ratio is 7.8:1. The Acceleration is so quick it takes 0-40 is 3.9 secs, the battery pack comes with IP67 water and dust resistance, for motor its IP66 and for controller IP65.

IP67 - They are protected from dust and capable of withstanding water immer- sion between 15 cm and 1 meter for 30 minutes.
IP66 - IP rated as "dust tight" and protected against complete, continuous submersion in water.
IP65 - IP rated as "dust tight" and protected against water projected from a nozzle.

Power Train

Power (Continuous/Peak ) - 3.3 kw / 5.4 kw
Max Torque - 20.5 N-m
Top Speed - 80 kmph
Accelearation (0-40) - 3.9 secs
Gradeability (10 kmph consant) - 18 degrees
Motor Type - BLDC (brush less DC motor)


Usable Capacity - 2.4 kwh
Battery type - lithium ion
Nominal Voltage - 51.7 volts
Case - Aluminium Alloy

Thankfully, Ather has been making efforts to set up a formidable charging structure alongside developing its two-scooter range, so all of its claims can be relished in the real world. It has already set up 14 charging stations in Bengaluru, with nearly 60 more planned just for 2018. The charging infrastructure isn’t thoughtless either, mind you. Ather’s target is to ensure you’re never more than 3km away from a charger, and just to get more people hooked to the concept, it has made its existing charging network accessible for free for six months. This applies to all EV owners and not just Ather customers, and that’s massively commendable. Ather aims to replicate this model in other cities without further delay, and Pune and Chennai are likely to get the Ather Grid next.

Pricing Maintenance and Service Schedules

There are two parts of pricing structure. What you pay upfront, and subscription plan, Ather one, that covers pretty much any expense you will incur in running your scooter.
They can't really think of any running expense We can’t really think of any running expense that will come your way that isn’t already covered. The idea is to take all regular maintenance issues and hassles away so that you don’t need to spend even a minute on it.


Ather 450                                                                Rs. 1,24,750  on-road price
(For early adopters)                                                 
Home charging point                                              Inclusive of FAME subsidy @ Rs. 22,000
Standard installation                                               insurance, GST,  road tax, smart card charges 
1 Year Subscription                                                 and registrations.

Starting at Rs. 700/month we have two payment options.

Quarterly plan
Rs. 2,200 + 18% GST = Rs. 2,596/-

Annual plan
Rs. 8,400 + 18% GST = Rs. 9,912/-

Unlimited Ride

You will never have to pay for charging your scooter, whether you charge at home or through an AtherGrid Point available across the city. When you are outside just plug in to a Point, charge and ride out. We will pay the hosts directly. And if you charge your scooter at home, we will reimburse you the exact amount spent on electricity, based on your usage via a wallet every 3 months.

Never pay for service & maintenance All scheduled maintenance is covered under the plan. And that includes labour costs, replacement of parts under regular maintenance including consumables like brake pads.All data services taken care of All data services like navigation, diagnostics, over-the-air (OTA) updates, are all a part of Ather One.

Roadside Assistance
You will never be stranded. We will take care of service, labour, and

Vehicle warranty
2 years or 30,000 km

Battery pack
3 years/unlimited km for 70% capacity retention

3 years covering manufacturing defects excluding cable,
connector, and the obvious physical wear & tear. Additional charges will
be applicable in case of non-standard installation.

My Opinion

  1. Appreciate Ather for designing a such great scooter.
  2. The Scooter has fresh new design, it is functional and seems modern.
  3. The Digital touchscreen unit seems very funky and something new for scooter.
  4. As it is electric scooter no vibrations, no fumes, no pollution, no unwanted noises. 
  5. Comes with massive torque figures, which is impressive for riding a scooter.
  6. But in the price tag of 1,25,000 sports bike are available and youngsters are in love for that.Investing a such huge amount and again paying service charges on monthly basis makes it too costly, else one normal family will buy a moped with 60,000 and will use remaining money for fuel for next 5-6 years, which seems to be worth for avg. Indian Family.
  7. The one who drives 10 km and one drives 50km daily paying same amount of service charges which is unfair. 
  8. The range is you get after spending this amount is also less, the range should be in 150 kms,  there will be no issues in metro cities but in tier 2 cities it will be big problem will have to search for charging station or keep charger with you always.
  9. For touchscreen unit using GPS and navigation we have pay for data services, else using blue tooth or hot spot was easy task, normal Indian middle class cant afford this much expenses they just need a automobile for travelling from point A to Point B.

Comment down and say what you feel about Ather 450. 

Do you feel The Ather will Indian Tesla ? 

Images of Ather 450

Ather App support 
Ather App Charging

Ather App Service
Ather App Push Navigation

Ather App Profile
Ather App Alerts

Ather Grid

Ather Home Charging Point

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