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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz : New Facelift ?


Recently trend is going on in every Indian automobile manufacturers, everyone is trying hard to give new face lifts models of their existing cars, but the question is they are having something really new or only a cosmetic changes ?
I will share my honest opinion about the newly launched Maruti Suzuki Ciaz : facelift ?
Back in 2014 Ciaz launched in India and it became the popular mid-size premium sedan and maintained its leadership in the segment, till then Hyundai Verna and Honda City were only the options, but entry of Ciaz changed the sales chart it becamed segment king.

The main reasons to became segment leader
1. Sold under Maruti badging which is the most trusted brand of India.
2. Their most tried and tasted 1.3 ltr DDIS diesel engine with SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle System)
3. 1.4 ltr K-series petrol motor with Manual as well as 4-speed Automatic transmission.
4. Most fuel efficient Diesel motor in the country rather say in the world claiming mileage of 28+ kmpl tested by ARAI.
Also most fuel efficient petrol engine in segment in the country.
The car launched under Maruti's badging no matter how it looks,build quality, safety isn't check people are just buying because of their wide service network, spare part availability, people oftenly say it is having low maintenance cost but it is limited only upto alto,wagonr, small 1.0ltr engine cars.
Lets see about New Ciaz its Exterior,Interior, New Engine options & Performance, final verdicts and at lst opinion what i think about it.


As ciaz is A3 segment it looks quite longer in the sedan standards, new Ciaz gets whole new bumper tweaking on front and rear new Projector Led headlights with DRL which is running along the front chrome bumper line, even foglamps also get Led's,the front is having grill with soft piano finish on it, lots of chrome is used on front on side as well as on rear, new top of the line alpha variant gets all new 16" alloys which are precision cuts and also looks nice on Ciaz gives more appeal to car, on the side door gets chrom handle and some sort of chrome lining on the windows, on the rear Ciaz has massive boot which can accommodate ton of luggage for long trips, but spare wheel isn't a alloy even on top trim, rear bumper has parking sensors on it and tail lights are also Led unit. In short to say the New Ciaz feels fresher than before and looks more attractive, but misses out on sunroof.


As soon as you step inside you will feel appealing by the new wooden treatment on dashboard and chrome lining on doors the car  has push button start, auto headlamps with automatic leveling, auto dimming inside rear view mirror has lots of storage bins one under armrest, glove box is also quite big, the seats have beige treatment, gets automatic climate control, gets touchscreen music system with apple car play, Android auto, reverse parking camera, the floor area is also quite large to keep your legs free.
The New Ciaz get all new MID from Baleno it shows everything, shows power and torque graph, avg time, avg fuel economy, how fuel has been saved since journey by start stop system, how much power is consumed from engine and from battery for a sec felt like is it Toyota Camry but yes it is New Ciaz, 

At the rear you get good legroom, ample headroom which is ok for short heighted people's, shoulderroom for three peoples, car also has manul sunshade for rear glass, is it luxurious ? At sides you get reading lights, whole cabin experience seems nice but is it really new ?
The dashboard is same which was on old Ciaz and just cosmetic changes are made on it, plastic quality feels too hard for such premium segment sedan, the driver door side switches looks same as of all Marutis, much needed improvement is on inside that plastic quality must be improved, for a car costs more than 9lakhs.


The Maruti has introduced all new Mild Hybrid K-15 petrol Engine for Ciaz which is mated to 5-speed Manual Transmission and 4-speed Automatic Transmission, for the first time maruti has given Smart Hybrid system to a petrol engine to increase its economy and made the Ciaz most Fuel Efficienct Sedan of Country

Engine specifications of New Petrol Motor
Engine Displacement : 1462cc
Max Power : 77kw @ 6000rpm
Max Torque : 138N-m @ 4400rpm
Fuel Efficiency :  21.56 kmpl (MT) / 20.28 kmpl (AT)
Fuel Tank Capacity : 43 litres 
Emissions standards : BS-4
It has Idle Start Stop system and Brake Regeneration system as standard.

Drive Performance
Front Brakes : Ventilated Disc
Rear Brakes : Drum
Front Suspension : McPherson Strut
Rear Suspension : Torsion Beam
Tyre Size : 185/65 R15 (for alloys & steel rims)
                    195/55 R16 (Alloy on top trim)
Gross Vehicle Weight : 1520 kg

The new Ciaz gets Hybrid system as standard across variants, the newly developed engine from Maruti is superb its so punchy the low end, mid range is full of power its a car of true enthusiastic driver never feels low on power.

Driveability of car is at its best, the clutch is on lighter side, at low speed steering feel feedback is good, but at high speed steering lacks feel and feedback, the ride feels perfect but at high speeds it feels bouncy due to soft suspension setup.

One thing to say about Maruti Ciaz it gets new speed alert system when you cross 80kmph mark it gives beep sound, and again as you cross 120kmph mark it continuously beeps which is appreciable thing. Well done Maruti.

Final Verdict and Honest Opinion

  1. The New Ciaz feels fresher bolder from outside the cosmetic changes gives well look to overall design.
  2. Has lots of Functions available in MID.
  3. Much improvement is needed in inside on Plastic quality which is too hard and not feel premium for what you are paying.
  4. Switch gear of all Marutis are same no difference for all price ranges you are getting the Same. Come on Maruti naming and selling it under Nexa doesn't make it Premium you should give something different for your customers.
  5. As the New Engine and performance is seen i ll recommended Ciaz instead of Honda City and Hyundai Verna because Ciaz has Hybrid System and returns good FE figures and engine is also Punchy which can't be ignored.
  6. Why Maruti is not providing Electric Sunroof for such type of Premium segment ?
  7. Trend is of Automatic but in Automatic Ciaz feels to backward, they are providing 4speed torque converter and other competitors are providing 7speed DSG, 6speed CVT with Paddle Shifters if such latest and well automatics are in Market why to buy old 4Speed automatic thumbs down for Maruti. 
  8. The big thing Automatic transmission is not provided in Ciaz in competition Hyundai verna is providing 6speed automatic and best seller in segment.
  9. Everyone is pointing towards safety and build quality of Maruti and again the same thing happened maruti provided ABS with EBD and 2 airbags but competitors are providing 7 airbags as standard from base variant and they are providing only 2 on top. Why maruti why ?
  10. Providing Hill Hold assist and ESP on automatic doesn't makes sense as it already too old transmission, why they aren't providing on manual where it is needed.
  11. Diesel engine is too underpowered for car of such big size, you are giving same engine on every car, Maruti focus on safety, engines, new designs, plastic quality, don't always focus on Fuel Economy.
  12. This was honest opinion for All New Ciaz which is only New from Outside and given Cosmetic changes only. Nothing is NEW in inside.

Please post your views below in comment section. 

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