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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Hyundai Santro The Revoultion

Hello everyone,

As the title says Hyundai Santro in New Avtar, yes today's blog is on Hyundai Santro.
Back in 1998, The car Santro was only B-segment car offered in the market by Korean car maker Hyundai, the tall boy design was loved by all. It was and it is Hyundai who sets new Benchmarks for design in the market after the launch n hit of Santro, the wagon-r came, after the launch n hit of Premium i20, the Baleno came. Hyundai sets the trend.

The Author BVR SUBBU Wrote a Book on Hyundai Santro

SANTRO: THE CAR THAT BUILT A COMPANY- There’s no business like the car business!’ Within months of its launch in late 1998, with every well-known global automobile brand jockeying for a foothold in a small-car market almost monopolized by Maruti Udyog Limited, Hyundai Motor India’s debut production, the Santro, emerged as a force to reckon with. The first car to be conceptualized and designed for – and then developed and manufactured in – India, the ‘Sunshine Car’ has, over a period of sixteen years, set the record for the quickest small car brand to go from zero to one million units sold. It achieved profitability for Hyundai at an unprecedented speed and made an impressive global impact as a made-in-India automobile in markets as diverse as Algeria and Zimbabwe, Western Europe and North America. In Santro: The Car That Built a Company, BVR Subbu, who spearheaded much of the Santro’s success, reveals the hitherto untold story of how this small car made such a big impact. 

Talking about Santro, the car was 'near and dear' many of people's as it was their 1st family car, it was the best selling and Popular in past. For Santro it was like "Bas Naam Hi Kafi hai" and Hyundai proved it Worth, Today Hyundai has sent their Old beloved car in New Looks and some 1st in class features. 

The pre-bookings for all-new Santro started from the 10th of October. The company stated that over the 12 days leading to the launch, the Santro has already  23,500 bookings. This tells us the Cars name was too much for people to buy it again, the company also Stated most of the bookings are for AMT variant.

The new Santro gets all new Design, Platform, Features, new Smooth and Silent Engine, new manual, and AMT options, the Option of CNG, the new Santro will give tough competition to Maruti-Suzuki WagonR, Maruti-Suzuki Celerio, Renault Kwid, and Tata Tiago.

In the New Santro Hyundai uses its tried and tested 1.1ltr Engine, which makes a power of 68 bhp and 99 Nm of peak torque, and with CNG the power is 58bhp and 84Nm of Torque, being of Hyundai family engine is so smooth and silent having lower NVH levels. the new structure of cars body keeps it light as Hyundai says it is constructed by high strength steel.

Safety features like ABS and Driver Airbag are standard across the Range. Hyundai has done a good job with the interior because you get a sense of better quality and a better layout than most budget entry cars, it gets rear AC vents which lacks in segment cars and here the two-tone dash works. The outer ac vents in the dash have a propeller design. The new dash design which has idol keeping space, Ganpati-like and so they're calling this the Indian touch! Diana Green, where the top-end has the all-black well-finished cabin with the same green accents and matching green seatbelts.

the instrument cluster is smart it gets more readout even Grand i10 lacks in that, it has Speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge in Digital screen and it shows odometer, twin trip, DTE and instantaneous fuel economy, the Sportz and Asta get the touchscreen with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Mirror Link including voice commands.

Some Honest Thoughts about the Car

  1. The car gets 4cylinder engine over a 3pot which helps in to keep low NVH levels.
  2. Hyundai has given the option of  5-speed AMT for the first time.
  3. Has better infotainment system in class competitors having old-school systems.
  4. Best in cabin space good amount of headroom legroom which is also best in class.
  5. Price of the car seems to be high in the price of  Asta you get Grand i10 Sportz variant which has more space, more power, but if we compare the price with competitors it is worth for what you pay.
  6. The car somewhat feels like sharing or say Jugaad, Headlight design is from old i10 but looks like of Grand i10, the ORVM looks like of Grand i10.
So the Legendary Santro is back. The name is everything for Brand and Car. The car does live up to the name, even though there were some obvious things I feel could make it even better. The first - the Santro name will invite previous owners to take another look for themselves or someone in the family. The second is the fact that it is a Hyundai, which provides assurance and a sense of quality. And lastly the fact that rival products at present are not nearly as sophisticated or mature - meaning the car will likely pull a lot of first time buyers too. Now the question is will Hyundai up its target to only make 10,000+ in every month.

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