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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Automobile Premium or Budget tyres ?

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In today's scenario maintaining a car and its counterparts is a challenging, in that tires are so important in case one of them get flats rest are also of no use. Tires serve a very important function in our day to day life, and it is important to while buying tires a product where quality is a must.
Buying a new set of tires also seems very challenging it is one of the necessary while owning a car. There are many Multinational Brands like Pirelli, Michelin, Bridgestone, and Continental present in the market which costs double than local Brands. So is it worth to spend an extra penny on premium tires?

Premium Tyres 

Premium Brand tires are well known for their Quality and having long customer support all over the world and sells billions of products, they also having a strong history which makes them a premium, it also has high levels of competition between brands means that tire standards are constantly raising in terms of quality, performance and also pricing as each manufacturer claims to have the safest and best performing tyres. Premium tires cost you more than budget tires as you are paying for the time, money and technology that has been invested into the tire.

Budget Tyres

Budget tires are a lot cheaper than premium tires but the question arises that is it worth to invest on the same?
budget tires are economical for the long term? If the answer is no, then small price tags can soon add up if they need to be frequently replaced. Budget tires are subject to testing and checks, so the majority that is manufactured will be of a certain quality standard and safe. Despite this, however, it is unlikely that budget tires will perform to the same standard as premium brand tires and they will not have been subjected to the harsh design and testing process.

How tires manufactured

If you thought to build a tire involved taking some liquid rubber, pouring it into a mold with a pattern then letting it dry before packing it off for sale you'd be mistaken. It's a highly complex process. The big name companies employ chemists to formulate the right mixture, called a compound. They have engineers to work on tread patterns and the tough structures that bind a tire together. They build multi-million research centers with indoor tracks that can replicate all driving conditions from the desert suns to freezing Arctic asphalt. Finally, they use highly qualified test drivers to ensure the products behave as they're supposed to. And if they don't, the whole process begins again.

Honest opinions

Both Budget tires and premium tires often look very similar in appearance, but it is important to bear that the design and development process for each tire is very different. Premium tires are designed to meet a certain standard and will offer better performance than budget tires. Premium tires are often ruggedly tested to ensure that they meet industry standards for aquaplaning resistance, braking distance in dry and wet conditions and steering precisions. Initially, budget tires seem value for money proposition because of the most cost-effective due to their smaller price tag. Premium tires tend to be the more economical choice. This is because they are usually constructed with higher quality rubber and designed with a tread pattern which can withstand wear differently to budgets. It is also important to keep in mind that tires, both budget, and premium, will live longer the better if they care properly. You can extend the life of your tires if you look after them correctly

Some Honest Tips to maintain your car's tires

Cleaning your tires will give you an opportunity to inspect the condition of your tires and notice any signs of tire damage before they develop into more serious problems. You may also be able to prevent damage before it happens by removing stones, grit and any other debris which may be left in the tire tread.
Further, brake dust accumulates on your tires and wheels over time which can lead to corrosion and even surface pitting. Frequently cleaning your tires and removing brake dust will prevent this from happening, helping to keep your tires and wheels in good condition.

How to Clean Your Tyres

Washing your car tires and wheels can often be an afterthought, however, it is important that you pay attention and clean them properly. Take a look at our step by step guide to cleaning your tires effectively:
  1. Always clean your tires and wheels last when washing your vehicle to avoid spreading dirt and grime on to the paintwork of your car.
  2. Start off by hosing off your tires to remove larger clumps of dirt from the tires and the wheel well.
  3. Scrub your tires with a tire brush or a soft-bristled brush such as a paintbrush. This will enable you to clear any dirt and debris away from the tire tread.
  4. Use a specialist spray to help remove dirt and brake dust from your wheels. You should choose a cleaning solution that is suitable for the wheels that you have – if you are unsure, use a product that is designed for all wheel types.
  5. Wash and rinse your wheels following the instructions on the tire cleaner that you are using.
  6. Rinse your tires and wheels thoroughly with clean water, ensuring that you remove all suds and solution. You should also dry your wheels with a microfiber cloth to avoid rusting.


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