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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Nitrogen vs Normal Air

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Filling air and maintaining accurate pressures is always a big task, maintaining right pressures will increase yours cars Tire life to more kilometers. everyone must follow the vehicle manufacturers pressure, to find your vehicle’s recommended tire pressures, you should look on the vehicle’s tire placard which is on the door post or the edge of the driver’s side door.

Normal Air 

As we know that normal air is composed of 71% nitrogen, 28% oxygen and rest is CO2, particulates ,water vapours etc.so when it's heated up during hard driving,it expands rapidly and unpredictably. This could cause your tires to over-expand or tire burst. It also depends where  you're filling the tire, there could also be more or less moisture content, meaning even more unpredictability.


Nitrogen is a much drier substance, and doesn't have as much moisture as regular air when compressed into a tire. Because nitrogen-filled tires don't have as much moisture, they're less prone to expansion than those with only compressed air, unlike normal air, the expansion of nitrogen can be carefully and accurately monitored with temperature, which means more predictability in competitive environments like rally or road racing.

Advantages of Nitrogen

Indirectly helps in controlling pollution: As nitrogen-filled tires maintains proper pressure, achieving better mileage, reduced emissions and longer tire life, the demand for tires could decrease. This means fewer manufactured tires, decreasing the use for natural resources. 
Reduced Oxidation: Oxygen causes oxidation. Oxidation can make rubber brittle, increasing the chance of a blow-out. Nitrogen in the tire blocks the oxidation of the internal rubber and rusting of rims.
Longer tire life:A properly inflated tire wears slower. If a nitrogen filled tire does not lose pressure as quickly you can expect longer tire life.

Disadvantages of Nitrogen

Having some advantages of nitrogen it also has some downsides

Maintenance is important: If routine tire maintenance is performed, you can expect the same advantages with a compressed-air. If a nitrogen filled tire is not properly inflated, you'll get the same loss of gas mileage and tire wear.  If a driver does not perform routine tire maintenance, with or without the nitrogen, the tires will not wear evenly.

Nitrogen is expensive: There is a suitable reason why it is used in race cars. The claim that a passenger vehicle needs the added expense might not be as founded. Nitrogen-filled tires usually cost about 50 Rs or more per tire.

Honest Opinion

Filling air/nitrogen is personal choice if you are regular car driver and normally doing long trips would recommend to use the Nitrogen, fill it from authorized dealer only. On highways due to varying temp changes air pressure may change to keep your tire cool use Nitrogen.

As it costs too much those who are city drivers and frequent long trips i would recommend you normal air. In India, at most shops in the name of nitrogen normal air is filled they cheat so its best to use normal and save some money on fuel expenses. 

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