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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Automobile Warning lights ? What do they mean!

Hello Everyone welcome to my article about the Automobile Dashboards Warning lights. What do they actually mean.
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Now in the age of 21st century car comes with modern technology and technology means some combination of electrical mechanical and software combinations. Most of modern cars now have digital dashboards with dials and a multiple small light which are there to warn the drivers but most of them gets confused. But nothing to worry these warning lights aren’t there for any cause of confusion but they are there to know you that engine’s running.  Sometimes they ever turn on in between during driving, you need to know what they mean, as some can indicate serious trouble, which should be recognized and driver must take a quick action for it. The lights on dashboards are colored according to a traffic light system.

Red means the stop or the serious problem that needs to be investigate immediately.

Orange means a warning signal suggesting drivers needs to take action as soon as possible or drive in a proper way.

Green say Everything is perfect! Ready to Get Set Go!

Now we ll see what read symbol mean in this you have to take some action

1.Seat belt Warning Light 
The driver's seat belt is not fastened.

2.Door Ajar Warning Light

When a door is not closed securely.

3.Engine cooling system

To keep cars engine cool, nearly all cars pump coolant fluid around their engines. If this warning light turns on, that coolant level could be low, or some kind of blockage in the system maybe causing the engine to overheat.Action to be taken: Call your roadside assistance (RSA) or call local garage at spot don't try to start n move your car.

4.Engine oil pressure 

This tells us that the engine has lost oil pressure or is insufficient out for a top-up of oil. If you can’t remember the last time you checked the oil level, or had it changed at a garage, there’s a good chance it’s now at a low level can cause serious damage.Action to be taken: So, take car to the nearest garage, check the engine’s oil level. Buy the advised type of oil is needed for a top-up.

5.Brake system light

 If this symbol is glowing on the dashboard is check the handbrake hasn’t been left engaged. Sometimes This may relate to the worn condition of the brake pads or discs, a lack of fluid in the system or a problem with the brakes Action to be taken: Disengage your handbrake properly if it doesn’t goes check your brakes in slow condition and visit to nearest Authorized Service center (ASC).

6.Power steering system 

With the conventional steering we would have to struggle a lot but thanks to system power assistance. This help us by hydraulic electric pump that helps turn the steering. So, when the warning light from the system illuminates, take it seriously and do visit to nearest ASC.

7.Vehicle charging system 

The cause of a red light with a battery symbol is that the car battery is no longer charging, or something is draining the charge when the car is parked and switched off. When there is a malfunction with either the alternator or electrical charging system. In this case, company recommends that you have to inspect vehicle by an authorized Service Center (ASC).

8.Steering lock 

This steering lock symbol indicate that the car’s steering lock needs to be released before the engine can be started. But if it remains glowing after starting the ca, it might be having a malfunction with the mechanism. In this case don’t switch off the engine and get your vehicle inspected by Authorized Service center.

9.Airbag warning light or Supplemental Restraint System Warning Light 

Once you set the ignition switch to the ON position. - It illuminates for 5-6 seconds and then goes off.  When there is a malfunction with the SRS or Airbags, it glows continuously. In this case, recommended is that you have the vehicle inspected by an authorized dealer.

10.Fuel Filter Warning Light (Diesel Engine) 

This light illuminates: Once you set the ignition switch or Engine Start/Stop Button to the ON position. - It illuminates for approximately 3 seconds and then goes off. When water has accumulated inside the fuel filter. In this case, remove the water from the fuel filter.

Now What does the orange light means they are for warning purpose only.

11.ABS Anti-lock Brakes

 (ABS) are boon to driver in panic conditions, wet-slippery surfaces, this system enables driver to brake hard and steer at the same time. If the ABS light blinks a continue it means a malfunction in the system Action to be taken: Investigate the system or go to nearest Authorized service center.

12.Traction control 

The orange symbol of a car leaving skid marks on the road, it denotes three things. If it blinks continuously it’s simply telling the driver that the traction control system is doing its job and preventing wheelspin.If you have switch off the traction control, the light will remain on as a reminder that the system is inactive. if it has turned on of its own, there is a problem with the traction control system which will need checking out.

13.Tire pressure monitor system(TPMS)

 Most modern cars come with a system that keeps an eye over the air pressure in the tires. If it detects that one has fallen noticeably compared with the others, it will warn the driver. If you’re on the road, check the pressures and adjust accordingly. If you’re unsure on how to reset the tire pressure monitor, the vehicle manual will offer a step-by-step guide.

14.Rear windscreen defogger

This is an easy one. It means the car’s rear windscreen theater is on. Switch it off once you can see clearly out of the back.

15.Automatic Rain and light sensor

 Automatic lights and windscreen wipers are becoming increasingly common on new cars. If this warning light appears, it’s telling you there’s a problem with one of them.

16.AWD or 4WD

 In cars that have a selectable four-wheel drive system, this light appears once the driver has chosen to switch from two to four-wheel drive operating mode, simply confirming their choice.

17.Child safety lock 

An increasing number of cars now offer an electronically controlled child safety lock for the back doors. It saves drivers from fiddling around with catches, and once the symbol is illuminated, it’s simply confirming that the back doors can’t be opened from inside of the car.

18.Cruise control

 There are various types of cruise control these days, with passive versions that maintain a set speed, active systems which vary a car’s speed according to traffic conditions, and some that can even respond to changes in speed limits. The cruise control warning sign usually signifies that you’ve turned on the system. Or red symbol is glowing means having problem with system.

19.Engine management light 

So much of a modern car is controlled by computer called Electronic control unit (ECU), and at the heart of such control systems is the engine management system. If the warning light comes on, the car will still function, but could possible malfunction check it by ASC.

20.Glow plug light 

 Glow plugs help start a diesel engine when it’s cold. So, if you drive a diesel-powered car, you should wait for the glow plug symbol to switch off before starting the engine. However, if they come on after this, it means one of the glow plugs has a problem – common, as they wear out over time.

21.Low fuel level 

Every driver is likely to have seen this at least once. It means the car’s fuel tank is nearly empty and if you don’t put more fuel in, you’ll be grinding to a halt fairly soon - usually somewhere between 30 to 40 kms

22.Boot open Indicator 

Sometimes due to various boot is not closed properly the warning light is glowing on dashboard if this glow gets out of car open and close it again.

23.Headlamp Warning light

 When there is a malfunction with the LED/Halogen headlamp.

24.Speed warning light

 When you drive the vehicle more than 120 km/h. - This is to prevent you from driving your vehicle with overspeed. - The overspeed warning chime also sound.

25.4 Wheel Drive (4WD) LOCK

 Indicator Light When you select 4WD Lock mode by pressing the 4WD LOCK button. - The 4WD LOCK mode is to increase the drive power when driving on wet pavement, snow covered roads and/or off-road.

26.Rear Fog Indicator

 Light When the rear fog lights are on.

Now the Green Lights What do they actually means

27.Downhill Brake Control (DBC) 

Indicator Light Once you set the ignition switch to the ON position. - It illuminates for approximately 3 seconds and then goes off.  When you activate the DBC system by pressing the DBC button.

28.Cruise Indicator Light

When the cruise control system is enabled.

29.Front Fog Indicator 

Light When the front fog lights are on.

30.Light ON Indicator Light  

When the tail lights or headlights are on.

31.Low Beam Indicator Light

 When the headlights are on Low beam position.

32.Turn Signal Indicator Light

 When you turn the turn signal light on the indicator light does not blink but illuminates the indicator light blinks more rapidly. The indicator light does not illuminate at all.

33.High Beam Indicator Light 

When the headlights are on and in the high beam position. When the turn signal lever is pulled into the Flash-to-Pass position.

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