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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Automatic vs Manual Transmission

Hello Everyone, Welcome to the new Article.

While buying a new car everyone gets confused between the Automatics and Manual Transmissions in this case what to choose is a big task. Nowadays automatics have become almost cheaper and maintaining cost of its is also as of manuals then what will you prefer  Manuals or Automatics ? 
Will clear your doubts n confusion. 

Manual Transmission 
Everyone is aware of manual transmission most of us have learned our driving lessons on manuals only in manuals usually syncromesh type gearbox is used we have to slot lever in properly and particular gear engages. 
Another advantage of manual gearbox is its cheaper initial cost. 
For eg if you want buy Santro Sportz Amt in the same price of automatic variant you gets a top end variant. 

Automatic Transmission 
There are three types of Automatics available in the market 
1. Torque converter 
2. Continuously variable transmission (CVT)
3. Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)

 Torque converters are gearbox in which the clutch sitting between the engine and gearbox is replaced with a liquid coupling. 

CVT gearbox operates by varying the diameter of a drive belt. This means there are no gear changes so it can feel very smooth. The downside is when you accelerate hard, the engine can suddenly feel as if it’s revving itself to pieces. Sometimes it has rubberband effect.

The Automated Manual Transmission uses a conventional clutch but this is operated automatically so the driver still only has brake and accelerator pedals

After knowning what is automatics lets move towards its fuel economy, running costs, fun to drive, and ease of driving i.e relaxation due to it.

Fuel economy

When it comes to automatic gearboxes we all are afraid of fuel economy which is low, in previous generations gearboxes were hard things that they only had three or four speeds when their manual equivalents had four or five. It meant automatics gulped fuel where manuals sipped. As the times have changed. Now you can get a seven-speed automatics in Mahindra Alturas G4 and nine-speed automatic in Land Rover Discovery Sport. Combined with software that knows exactly when to change gear for maximum engine efficiency, automatics can be the fuel-efficient option. In recent launches Honda Amaze and Toyota Yaris are as much as Fuel efficient of their manual variants Again though, this depends on the individual car.  

Running costs

Automatic gearboxes are more complex and therefore more expensive to keep on the road than manuals. For a start, they frequently need to have their lubricants changed. And there are more components in them that can go wrong. Its maintenance schedule and  components is too quick than that of manual. 

Fun to drive

This feelin of fun only comes in Manual one because there can be fewer more satisfying feelings in a car than pushing a gear lever forwards to drop down a gear and feeling a surge of power beneath your foot. Which makes yourself more Adrenaline feel and makes you feel that driving a mighty machine. Another great feeling is getting a hill start just right where you’re doing the apparently impossible of balancing clutch, accelerator and brake all at once. Automatics are functional but they don’t give you the connection with the engine that a manual gearbox does. Now a days hill assist function is boon. 


One of the biggest advantages of an automatic comes when you’re in slow-moving traffic – a regular occurrence for most of us. The automatic changes mean you’re not constantly changing your left and right feet, which gets tiring in a manual. 
HONEST Advice 
If you see there is no winner everyone has its pro's and con's but still i ll suggest something good.
The best conclusion is that there is no right answer to the automatic vs manual debate. It comes down to how you like your driving and what you’re prepared to pay to worth.

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