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Friday, February 8, 2019

Biker and Love for Bike valentine special

Hello Everyone,


Known by different names but united by one thing called a Bike ( which is their life and love)

Today found a crazy thing on the internet, all the bike enthusiastic were celebrating the Valentine week with their most beloved bike.
Image source : Throttleclub

In India, most of the bikers have their club and some guys enjoy riding solo.
I have seen many guys who love to travel sometimes solo and sometimes with groups.

So February is the month of Valentine's
Some bikers are celebrating the day with their beloved bikes and here is the schedule of Biker Heros.

7 February - Engine Day
8 February - Helmet Day
9 February - Chain and Sprocket Day
10 February - Tyre Day
11 February - Safety Gear Day
12 February - Exhaust Day
13 February - Petrol Day
14 February - Bike Valentine's Day

I dedicate my post this to all my bike riders biker brothers and Youtube Vloggers to enjoy Your Bike Valentine's Week and Take care of your beautiful Beast.
Ride safe
Always wear a Helmet and Riding gears.

Guys post your thoughts in comment 
Thank you

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