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Sunday, March 3, 2019

FTIS in bIkes : Improved Cold Starting

Hello Everyone,
Today I will share my honest Experience about my daily ride Hero Glamour (carburetted version) the technology used by Hero Motocorp has improved performance as well as its cold starting, I used to get amazed by quick starting of the bike ( being carburetted version) at morning 6.30am in bone-chilling winter days.

The Technology behind this was FTIS it stands for Fully Transistorised Ignition System

So How Does FTIS Works? 

Fully Transistorised Ignition System is designed and implemented by Hero MotoCorp in their Hero Glamor bike. The 'Transistorised Ignition' system uses a transistor to switch off and switch on the charging current to the ignition coil at an approx time.

The power transistor acts as a relay in the primary circuit. It simulates the action of the contact breakers. It grounds the circuit when the points open up and close the circuit when the points break. Thus, it helps in achieving higher life for the breaker point contacts.

FTIS helps in improving cold starting engine due to faster voltage rise and collapse time in the ignition coil. It also improves the consistency and repeatability of the secondary voltage energy without degradation. In addition, it has the ability to fire partially fouled or deteriorated spark plugs as well.

The technology is really a boon and yes it affects overall performance of bike and it has proven, the HERO GLAMOUR performs far better than its rivals in segment.

THANK YOU.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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