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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

March 2019 Car Sales Figures - A DARKHORSE for INDIA's Growth

Hello Everyone,

Day by Day Rise in the Prices of Fuel, increase in the cost of vehicles, other taxes, etc, Indian Auto Industry is always in Growth, Can anyone Answer, Why?

People are buying cars, the government is increasing taxes by this or that ways, they have seen their future in GROWTH of Indian Auto Industry. It has become a major source of income.


1. Vehicles are Registered with heavy road tax and RTO fees, with Insurance of 3years.

2. Toll Collected from Vehicles.

3. In India, Fuel Prices are High due to High Taxes Levied on them.

4. Automobile Industries and their Vendors. (as they are also Tax Payers, Even employees working for Companies)

 5. Insurances are compulsory it becomes complementary and fixed income for next 15years.

Here I have given some reasons how Indian Auto Industry is Source of Indias Increasing Economy and yes we are growing it day by day.

Here are the Sales for March 19

March 2019 Sales

If Sales are compared with the Month of Feb, everyone is Growing. This year Auto Industry has growth, 
Only Tata Motors having a decrease in Sales, the impact on sales may be because of customer treatment incident happened in Tata Motors Showroom.
Honda and Ford have done a tremendous sales in March about 27%  and 24%  increase respectively are seen. 

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