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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Automobile Sales Figures - Jan 19 to June 19

Hello Everyone,

Indian Automotive Industry is going from the phase of change and yes every phase change has some losses in the market, the market is falling in Month on Month Sales as well as in Year on Year sales also.

Here are the Last 6 months Total Sales Snapshot 
Sales Snapshot

1. Maruti Suzuki

It has the major market share the sales figures are always 5-digits constantly being defamed on social media for quality issues these company is doing so well always 1lakh above sales, big hands for Maruti.
Maruti Suzuki

2. Hyundai

Hyundai is doing well because of its new launches

3. Mahindra 

The Only Manufacturer who knows how to build SUVs is performing well in Year on Year sales, the newly launched Mahindra XUV3OO outsold Nexon and Ecosport, big hands for them. Feature-rich cars from Mahindra always change the game in the segment


4. Tata 

The sales are decreasing and some after sales issue make their growth slow the design from TATA are always aggressive but why they don't reflect in good figures is a big question?
post your thought in comments

5. Toyota 

Well Known for reliability and after sales service doing well in sales but Yaris seems to be flop show in their House.

6. Honda 

Japanese Technology doing well with Amaze, the figures make feel them Amazing in the segment.

7. Ford

Nowadays facing some issues with sales due to the competition but are well known for low service cost and Good Safety.

8. Nissan

Sales figures show soon they will Pack up like General Motors

9. Renault

Kwid is doing well, soon duster will come with new Facelift.

10.Volkswagen and Skoda

German brothers are chilling no worries, with decent sales they are in chart.
Volkswagen and Skoda

11. Fiat Group

Overpriced Cars!!! Survival is hard in the country which runs on basic n important rule Mileage, Low on Pocket.
Fiat Group

Honest Opinion
Electric Vehicles  #EV is the New Swag as Government is promoting it on large Scale.

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