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Friday, July 5, 2019

Companies and their Trust on Products

Hello Everyone,
We buy cars and everyone wants to experience peace of mind in vehicle ownership and it can be fulfilled by the warranty on Products.

What is the Warranty?

A car warranty offers the cost of repairing or replacing certain parts of your vehicle. It comes in handy if you’re not prepared to pay the cost of these, especially if the repairs are hundreds or in thousands. It works similarly to a home warranty, an appliance warranty, or another type of protection plan. It is a boon and hassles free process.

What does Car Warranty cover? What are the different types of Warranty?

Car Warranty covers the following things
1. Factory Warranty
2. Extended Warranty

Factory Warranty 

When a car is purchased from Dealership from the date your Factory Warranty starts, it covers any defective parts due to poor workmanship or a manufacturer error. The factory warranty is measured in Kilometers or Years whichever is earlier. 

Standard Warranty offered by major companies in India 

Maruti Suzuki - 40,000kms/2Years*
Hyundai - 1,00,000kms/3Years*
Mahindra - 1,00,000kms/3Years*
Toyota - 1,00,000kms/3Years*
Ford - 1,00,000kms/5Years*
Tata - 75,000kms/2years*
Volkswagen - 1,00,000kms/4Years*
Skoda - 1,00,000kms/4Years*
The Maruti Suzuki is having a major market share and they don't believe in their product only. (when fame comes quality n trust decreases)

Extended Warranty 

Once your factory warranty expires, you have the option of taking on an extended warranty. Coverage plan options for extended warranties may be different than your factory warranty. Also, but in India, you are limited to buying it from the manufacturer. In other countries, it can be Purchased from other private Companies.

The warranty covers most of the comprehensive parts which have much more costs to repair.
1. All major vehicle systems.
2. Air Conditioning.
3. All Electrical Components.
4. Safety equipment.
5. Engine and Gearbox
6. Suspension, Drive Axles, Gaskets, and Seals.
7. Some offer Corrosion warranty also.

Things are not Covered in Warranty
1. Regular Maintenance Schedule - such as oil change, wheel alignment, tyre rotations, etc.
2. Wear and Tear items - brakes, tyres, wiper blades, headlight bulbs, etc
3. Exterior Damages - Such as scratches and dents in panel.
4. Damage due to Improper Maintenance - if service history is not maintained regularly you may void your warranty.
5. Electrical Damage - If any wire slicing is done or any electrical modification you may lose your warranty.
6. Damages by natural Calamities like a fallen tree on car, floods don't cover your warranty.

#Honest Opinion 
  One thing strikes in my mind the Maruti Suzuki is India's most loved brand and they offer very less warranty, don't they trust in their cars or any other reasons. 
we the Indian customer only supports them by giving less warranty and after that charging more for warranty is a bad business tactic to earn more. Maruti is having more market share but the company itself is not in favor of customer satisfaction or peace of mind rather pay more and buy it. Nowadays cars outer shell quality is also a big issue from the brand which was loved by India Earlier.

Think on it and do post your opinion guys.
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