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Monday, July 1, 2019

How does Slipper Clutch Works in Bikes

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India the Largest Automobile Market of Two Wheelers, in every month there is avg sale of 10-11 lakh vehicles. In this, every manufacturer tries to give the best equipment and latest technology in their Product. Today we will see the same related to the Clutch.

What is a Clutch?
Two Wheeler Multiplate Clutch
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A clutch is a mechanical device which engages and disengages power transmission especially from the driving shaft to driven shaft.
In the simplest application, clutches connect and disconnect two rotating shafts (drive shafts or line shafts). In these devices, one shaft is typically attached to an engine or another power unit (the driving member) while the other shaft (the driven member) provides output power for work. While typically the motions involved are rotary, linear clutches are also possible.

What is the Slipper Clutch?
Slipper Clutch
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In Motorcycles, power is transmitted to the rear wheel via Chain drive. When the throttle is closed the engine stops powering the rear wheel. As the throttle is closed, the rear wheel in motion controls the movement of the pistons in the engine via ChainDrive. In this Condition, if you downshifted then the speed of rear wheel increases more than that of engine speed. The resulting torque creates an immense amount of stress on the bike's swingarm, chain, rear sprocket and rear wheel. This sudden backdrop of the engine torque is more prominent in case of a four-stroke engine with high power output. This sudden backing of torque during urgent braking may result in loss of traction of the rear wheel which may cause skidding. The total locking of rear wheels can take place resulting in fatal. It is very dangerous during cornering.
The slipper clutch comes in action in such cases. It makes the downshifts more smooth and absorbs most of the torque. This results in safe & smooth braking. So, when the rider is riding at high speed, he can easily downshift and control the motorcycle without losing traction on the rear wheel.

How does slipper clutch and why it is Important?
Working of Slipper Clutch
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When you engage the conventional clutch, its primary function is to transmit the torque through the transmission. Slipper clutch works exactly the same way. The only difference is, it disengages when met with a certain level of back torque thereby, transmitting this back torque away from the engine. Then it engages again and the cycle continues until it achieves neutrality between the forces of the rear wheel and the engine. It absorbs all the back torque when it disengages. This feature of this type of clutch avoids losing traction of the rear wheels.
This particular can be controlled in normal clutches as well, but it requires a skill. Downshifting results into the same functionality, but it requires experience and skill. In emergency situations, the rider may lose his concentration and lose control.
Basically,  race-track motorcycles use it as it helps to gain faster lap times. The rider can easily coordinate the speed and braking without losing traction. But considering the safety of the rider at high speeds, many manufacturers today have widely adopted the slipper clutch.
Riding safety is a major advantage of the slipper clutch. Undoubtedly, safety will be the priority of everyone out there on two wheels. Slipper clutches are not easy to manufacture and come at a high cost. However, it largely depends on your skill, whether you should go for them or not. However, they will surely add to your safety.

In India bikes like BAJAJ DOMINAR 400, KTM DUKE, TVS APACHE RR310 comes with Slipper Clutch.

Above Video Explains how Slipper Clutch Works

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