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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Monsoon Alert -Tips for Cars

Hello Everyone,
Monsoon is almost up here in India, Everyone loves rain n long drive in rains and yes Chai n Pakodas too, in our Drive with our Beast. Since from last week its raining heavily most of the cities like experiencing heavy floods in first rains only, Mumbai experiences heavy rainfall and inevitable flooding each year, when there are rains it affects many things disturbs your schedule, you have to look everywhere in houses cars parking whether it is leaking or not, well those own cars have to take more care and keep watch on it. 
So, the idea behind this article was from my friend Shubhad. 

Rain brings lots of water, mud, wastes lying near on the road it jams the sewage lines and small ponds are there everywhere on roads, Your car has to struggle the water logging and dirt on the roads. It makes compulsory work to take proper care of your car.

Here are Some Tips 

1. Body - After you come back from heavy rains clean your car with dry cotton cloth, rainwater is not good for your car paint. Use WAX it will make easy to get off water from cars paint. Grease your door hinges, and check the rubber lining on them, and the windows. Use an anti-corrosion spray, on areas that have exposed metal.
Before starting car check your rubber linings on the doors and windows. Make sure water is not leaking from any place.

2. Tyres - Do not let the tyres stay muddy for a long time. Wash them after every trip where they were exposed to a lot of dirt and muddy water.
Make sure your tyres have enough tread on them.
Check inflation and tyre pressure, as the tyres tend to lose pressure during the rainy season. This will ensure safe driving during monsoons, and prolonged tyre life for your car.

3. Wipers - The rubber lining on wiper blades wears off quickly. Make sure your wipers are functioning properly. All cars have a wiper washer, always keep it top up with a small quantity of mild detergent to keep your windshield clean.

4.Brakes - Its most important part of your car. Clean your cars brake-pad and if necessary replace it on time. Check brake fluid if necessary topup it.

5. Do not use car covers during the rains. The moisture from the cover is not good for your car.

6. Check the connections of the car headlights. Any loose ends can cause the water to cause electric failure, Fuses are important, check if they are fine and always carry extra ones

7. You should avoid driving your car through puddles. Water can enter the exhaust pipe and damage it.

8. Use your AC, and point the vents towards the windshield, if it gets foggy during heavy rains.

9. If you are driving through stagnant water, make sure to keep revving slightly, so water doesn’t enter the exhaust system. Keep your car dry in the rainy season and avoid parking cars below trees.

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